Building Disputes: Building Appeals Board

The Building Appeals Board is a statuary body under the Building Act 1993 to hear building disputes. The Building Appeals Board operates under section 160, 160A or 160B of the Act. The Building Appeals Board receives applications and determines any matters relating to the Building Regulations, Building Code of Australia and certain provisions of the Building Act 1993. The Building Appeals Board hears Building Appeals, Building Disputes and applications for Compliance and Modifications.

Building Disputes: Process

Building Regulation 2006A Building Disputes application to the Building Appeals Board can be about a building, proposed building work or building work where it concerns the application, compliance or effect of any provision of the Building Regulations 2006 and Building Code of Australia.

A building disputes application must be professionally presented to the Building Appeals Board, as both sides to building disputes will be represented by experienced building practitioners.

Building Disputes: Application

A building disputes application can be lodged under the Act to the Building Appeals Board by any of the following, the owner of the building or the owner of the land on which the building work is being, or is to be carried out, the person who carries out, or is to carry out the building work (builder, developer) the relevant building surveyor or the Building Commission.

The application form Notice of Appeal or Referral of Matters to the Building Appeals Board (building disputes) must be completed in its entirety.  The Building Appeals Board panel members are experienced building practitioners in their area of expertise.  To background the panel members before the hearing, the application should contain very specific information.  Be very precise on what your building appeal is for/about, state the reason for the building disputes appeal and what is your desired outcome.